Friday 15 May 2015

Kit Car Decision

When I first decided to build a kit car it was the Dax Rush that caught my imagination and I had my mind set on building one of these machines so I set off in high spirits to the Dax workshop to see one in the flesh.
As with all men of my age my head immediately got turned by the 427 Cobra replicas that they produce and a mind heart argument ensued.
With much soul searching and common sense prevailing it was apparent that I would not financially be able to throw my time into building a Cobra replica at this stage in my life. So regrettably I have accepted the fact that that project will have to wait until the kids have left home and are not draining my bank account dry every month.
So the decision then was should I go down the lotus 7 look Dax Rush or something entirely different.
Then along comes the Healy Enigma. Sleek British Motorsport lines in that classic British style but under pinned with Japanese reliability and technology in the form of the Mazda MX5 donor.
Here was a car that will draw stares and admiring glances on the forecourt or the show ground. Not brash, not tacky, and definitely not the midlife crisis type car or design.
The heart, mind and most importantly the wife and my back pocket, fell in love with this car almost instantly.
So the dream although changed from its initial outset, has moulded and changed but essentially it is still my dream. Some could say I customised my dream and turned it into kit form to suit my desires.
The hobby starts along with the initial saving for the car. I hope you stay tuned for the story to unfold and up and downs that will inevitably come along the journey.